Forever Glow Pigments 2oz – Lava Red


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FOREVER GLOW Is not your Standard Glow In the Dark  Pigment ! These Are the Highest Quality, Longest Lasting and Brightest Glow in the Dark Pigment on the Market Gauranteed !! They Light Up For Hours and Hours On End. Rechargeable by U.V Light , Blacklight, and Natural Light. Non-Toxic and Cruelty Free-Skin friendly.
Highest professional grade synthetic pearl mica pigment powder.
Designed for craft making , epoxy , diy ,artisans , installers , flooring , tables.
Pigment powder be used for, Epoxy Resin candle crafting , lacquer, auto paint, slime, plastics, fiberglass, jewelry, plastic resins, wood works (and so much more!) If your tired low quality pigments? Then Designer Epoxy pigments is your way out !


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