Fast Cure Epoxy

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1 LITRE  / 500ML (A ) 500ML (B)
Simple 1A to 1B mix ratio.
Mix Time 2 Minutes
Fast Cure 1-2 Hours
15 Min Work Time

Our Fast Cure Formula Quickly Cures  Within 1 To 2 Hours . Help By Saving Time Wich Means Your Project Will Be Ready The Same Day..This Resin Cures Hard And Is UV Resistant , Crystal Clear. Exclusively Developed For : 

☄️  Filling Cracks, Holes, Crevices, Repairs, Small Arts & Crafts. Jewelry, Decorations, Small Casting And Coating, Cast figurines. Small Silicone Molds, Charms, Pendants, Brooches, Earrings, keychainsBracelets, Etc.
☄️ Penetrates deeply into wood
☄️  Super Clear
☄️  Can Be Mixed With All Our Pigments
☄️  Hardens Quickly , Adheres High Strength
☄️  Mix Time Approximately 2 Min Slow
☄️  1:1  Mix Ratio= 1A To 1B ( By Volume )
☄️  1 To 2 Hour Cure
☄️  **Note** Thinner Projects Take 3/4 Hour To Cure
☄️  Strength  87/88 Shore D
☄️  U.V Resistant With Anti-Yellowing
☄️  Glossy / Glass Like Finish
☄️  Premium Quality That Self Levels
☄️  No Odor
☄️ 100% Solids No Fillers
☄️  Medium viscosity
☄️  Food grade safe once fully cured


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