UV Resin + Light Combo

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Ultraviolet Epoxy 250 ML
2 / 3 Min Cure
Simple To Use / With No Mixing Or Measuring

Our UV Resin Is Very Simple To Use With No Mixing A & B Together And No Measuring. Simply Squeeze The Amount Needed, And Cured With Ultraviolet Light 50 Watts. Ready To Use And Can Instantly Cure Hard in Minutes.Premium Made of Non-Toxic Materials, Safe As All Our Resin Line We Sell. Crystal Clear Transparency And No Impurities; Strong Stain Resistance And Anti-Yellowing, Self-Leveling And Self-Degassing Properties. 🍕Food Grade Safe Once Fully Cured. Can Be Completely Cured Hard Under With 50 Watts UV. Best Recommended 50 Watts In 2 / 3 minutes.

👉 Developed For : 

✅️ Ideal For Cracks, Holes, Crevices, Repairs, Small Arts & Crafts. Jewelry, Decorations, Small Casting And Coating, Cast figurines. Small Silicone Molds, Charms, Pendants, Brooches, Earrings, keychains Bracelets, Etc.
✅️ No Need To Mix
✅️ Cures Super  Fast 2 To 3 Min With Ultraviolet Light
✅️ Recommended UV Light 50 Watts, The Less Wattage, The Longer Cure.
✅️ Comes With Nozzle To Help Squeeze And Inject In Cracks ,Holes,  Or Very Small Areas.
✅️On Flat Surfaces (90 Seconds On The Top, If Possible, Flip Over And 30 Or More  Seconds On The Back Side For Optimal Cure.
✅️ Cool Down For About 5-7 Minutes Before Demoulding !
✅️ Super Clear & Can Be Mixed With Pigments.
✅️ High Strength Shore D Strength 89/ 90
✅️ Self Leveling
✅️ 100% Solids No Fillers
✅️ U.V Resistant With Anti-Yellowing
✅️ Food Grade Safe Once Fully Cured
✅️ Glossy / Glass Like Finish

❌️ NOTE , Can Not Be Used On Very  Large Projects. Example, Large Pours Or Large Volume Such As , Big River Tables And Mass Castings Such As Pyramids


This Large Powerful 50 Watts Led Light Is  Length 8" Inches x 4" Height x 1" Depth
Made Of High-Quality Aluminum And Ready To Plug In And Use. Designed For Our UV Resin To Cure Within Seconds. It Is Adjustable And Wavelength: 395-400nm.

✅️  When Ready , Pour The UV Resin, Turn On Light And Make Sure Its About 2 Or 3 " Inches Away For Optimal Result. Start With 50 To 60 Seconds At First. If Need More , Do Another 50 / 60 Seconds Til Cured , And Shut Light Off.

✅️  Adjustable Angles 180°
✅️  Easy To Use
✅️  Perfect For Big Projects Or Small
✅️  No Installation Required, Plug And Use.
✅️  Specifically Designed For UV Resin

❌️  *Note* This Is A "Curing Light " And Should Not Be Used For Decorative Or Any Other Use Except To Cure The UV Resin. Once Cured ,Please Shut Off Light  As It Will Get Hot If Left On.


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